Jaume Plensa
Nomade, 2007
Painted stainless steel
Gift of John and Mary Pappajohn to the Des Moines Art Center
Photo by Mason Hiatt

My name is Mason Hiatt and I’m the owner and lead translator at Transverte. I’ve been a professional translator and editor since 2005, delivering over 3.5 million words of compelling translation for clients looking to connect with readers of English, a lingua franca and currently the world’s most widely learned second language. Transverte is a business and website I developed, both to serve as a portfolio and to teach clients how to make the most of my translation and editing services.

You may have already noticed that I focus on a single language pair and direction—from Brazilian Portuguese to U.S. English—for the best possible translation fluency and efficiency. For the same reason, I have chosen a few specializations that reflect my expertise.

These are exciting times for translation. The world is finally beginning to understand that translation isn’t a losing proposition. Translators aren’t traitors; they’re a source of wondrous gains in cross-cultural understanding and learning! The name of my company provides an example of this. Transverte is an unusual Portuguese verb for translation. Its root, verter, brings pouring to mind. When you pour liquid from one vessel to another, the liquid stays the same, regardless of the vessel’s shape and appearance. I strive to achieve this same fluidity in my work.