Every time I sit down to translate, I make a point of setting my intention to make this the best translation yet – from 150-word certificates to 150-page contracts. There are so many ways to improve fluency and accuracy that I know I will work my entire life and still not feel I’ve mastered the process. I do improve every year, though!

That said, there are some projects that have stood out for any number of reasons, perhaps because of subject matter, overall style and esthetics, or an exceptional author-translator exchange. This portfolio is here to accentuate what I do best in a variety of areas, including architecture, culture and legal translation.

These projects all required close attention to detail and cultural appropriateness. I discussed language nuances with the client and we made final adjustments before publication. Also, while they all are firmly within my areas of expertise, I learned something new with each one, and this is what keeps translating fresh for me.

Note: all clients have given permission to post this work to my website. The legal translations I include here are an exception to this rule. Due to the particularly sensitive nature and confidentiality of most legal translations, instead of choosing work I’ve done for actual clients, I pulled documents from the public record to translate as an example of my work. Enjoy!